Hi I'm Edward Stokes also known by my online persona Zalow Music. I'm a 23 year old Australian Voice actor, Musician, Composer and Streamer.One of my biggest accomplishments would be "The Battle of Atlus" which is a 1 hour audio drama that I produced, edited, scripted, composed and voice acted in with KickstartintoVos whilst completing their 3 month journey to voice overs and voice acting 2.0 global class.Recently I was a finalist in "The Strawberry Cup" VO competition conducted by VerryBerryStudios.

The whispering church - Officer Burleigh - after the gloaming 2023
Comic Dubs
Chromaverse: Far Travelers - Sindel - Modstin (newgrounds) 2023
I Married a Monster on a Hill - Crowleon - 2024

[email protected]

• S-87 Microphone
• Shure SM7B
• Focusrite Scarlett Solo (4th gen)
• Audient iD14 MKII
Audio recording software
• Audacity
• Logic pro X
• Audio Technica ATH-M50x
Home made studio & vocal booth